How much do hot air balloons cost?

Prices of hot air balloons vary depending on the passenger and size. Small air balloons for the individual range from € 40,000, while large balloons for the commercial ones range from € 80,000 to € 140,000.

 Can pilots steer hot air balloons?

The flight path of hot air balloons is determined by the wind. Pilots cannot steer the hot air balloons in a particular direction, but they can spin it around its axis and control it up and down.

 What type of fuel is used in hot air balloons and how do air balloons fly?

Hot air balloons use liquid propane to heat the air. When the air is heated, its density decreases, filling the dome and lifting the balloon up.

 What kind of fabric is used in the manufacture of hot air balloon domes?

Hyperlast fabric is often used in the construction of hot air balloons due to its heat resistance.

 How much fuel does a hot air balloon consume in 1 hour of flight?

Determining the fuel efficiency of a hot air balloon; There are many factors such as the quality of the fabric, the size of the basket, the shape of the balloon dome. Therefore, each hot air balloon has a different fuel consumption level. On average, a commercial hot air balloon with a capacity of 20-28 passengers uses about 400 liters of propane per hour.

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