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Established in Aspendos in 2019, we carry out safety priority flights with our professional and friendly team and professional pilots.

As Attaleia ballooning, we are trying to provide the best service for you throughout the entire operation (transfer from your hotel to the departure area, comprehensive insurance, flight and after the flight, during the transfer back to your hotel) in terms of service quality and safety.

Although we are one of the newest companies in the region, we are a consumer-oriented, high-quality and energetic balloon company that performs safety-priority flights with the region's most experienced pilots and ground crews.

Thank you for choosing us as Attaleia balloon family.


- We keep our pilots' technical competencies up-to-date and alive with training programs at certain time intervals.

- All of our pilots have been selected from among the most experienced pilots of the region.

- All our pilots are given the opportunity to rest (sleep) for at least 10 uninterrupted hours before each flight mission.


- The ground crew takes up a lot of space for a safe flight. For this reason, we have established our ground team staff carefully and by choosing among the most experienced in the region.

- We monitor the coordination within the team with monthly meetings held for all our ground crew and eliminate possible deficiencies.


All of our balloons are specially designed and produced for us by ULTRAMAGIC and KUBICEK, the world's largest and most prestigious hot air balloon manufacturer.

- Our entire fleet of balloons consists of the youngest balloons in the region. We are flying with 2022 model balloons.


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